$ 60.00

44-UA20 / CF-UA20 / CK-UA20

Amplified Hide-Away Electronic Magnetic Antenna

Product Features

  • Replacement High-Gain Amplified Hide-Away Antenna for AM/FM Bands
  • Active magnetic-type antenna. Works on the magnetic field associated with a conductor excited by a microwave.
  • Voltage pickup is Nanovolts, but with the magnetic type circuitry it extracts a signal with a superior signal-to-noise ratio.
  • Includes 102 Inch Coaxial cable and power supply wire
  • Designed to be installed in the saddlebags of a motorcycle or under the vinyl convertible top of vehicles – or anywhere where metal items will not prohibit FM reception from getting to the antenna

Vehicle Compatibility


Additional Information


Let us install it for you! Professional installation available at Remote Start & Stereo.