The SSI-20/20™ brings a level of information and ease of installation to the ignition interlock market. Smart Start has designed the SSI-20/20™ to easily interface with any vehicle’s on-board diagnostics (OBD-II) system. Combined with our patented positive digital photo identification of the user, the SSI-20/20™ has been improved for easier use and installation.

The SSI-20/20™ works alongside Smart Start’s Photo ID camera module that captures a picture of the breath sample subject at the time of each test. The Photo ID module is approximately one cubic inch and is mounted on the inside of the driver’s side windshield. Each photo is stored in the unit electronically along with the date and time of each test, which syncs with the SSI-20/20™ log. The camera unit is designed to work in any lighting situation, regardless of how dark or bright it is.

The Photo ID module is one of the many tamper detection features available on the SSI-20/20™. The recorded photos allow Smart Start and Monitoring Authorities to positively identify the user of the device to see who is taking each test and prevents users from being able to cover up or disconnect the camera. When tampering is detected, the camera will send a message to the SSI-20/20™ interlock effectively aborting the test and preventing the user from starting their car.

Smart Start offers the SSI-20/20™ for less expensive, less invasive, and fewer probation/parole visits with our discrete alcohol monitoring products. Our products help clients continue to work and support their families while remaining on an alcohol monitoring program.

Product Features

  • Easy breath alcohol testing
  • Compatibility with all vehicle makes/models
  • Meets all state and NHTSA requirements
  • Alerts client of upcoming test time providing ample time to pull-over and test safely
  • No need to suck back breath sample like other competitors devices require
  • No-hum options available
  • Restrictive driving time options available
  • Eliminates overbooked visits to Probation/Parole officer
  • Eliminates need for frequent visits for urine testing
  • Camera options available for user identification
  • GPS options available
  • 24/7 online access to daily reports
  • Wireless data download option available
  • Remote unlock capability (state specific)

Contact Information

You must contact Smart Start for scheduling an installation and/or authorizing a removal.
(866) 747-8278 (Toll-Free)

Contact Smart Start  via email.

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