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Wide-Angled Embedded Camera

The SV-6818.EM.II is an embedded, 170⁰ view camera. This means that a hole will need to be drilled into the vehicle in order to mount the camera. This allows for a more custom, OEM look to the vehicle. Once the hole is drilled, the wires are ran inside the vehicle through the hole and then you can place the camera into the hole. The camera has mounting tabs that will snap open once the camera is pushed into the hole.

These tabs will hold the camera into place. With this style of camera there will be no wiring exposed to the outside of the vehicle and elements.

This system offers selectable parking assist lines, meaning you can have them on or off. It also offers selectable forward or reverse facing options, what that means is that it can be mount to the rear or front of the vehicle . This camera is constructed by both aluminum, plastic and is waterproof to stand up to the harshest conditions. This kit also includes the necessary hole saw to properly mount of the camera.

Product Features

  • 170⁰ Viewing Angle
  • Selectable parking assist lines
  • Selectable forward facing or reverse facing image
  • Ultra-small and compact design
  • Mounting hardware and wiring all behind the mounting surface
  • Includes 20mm (13/16 standard) hole saw
  • Constructed from high-grade plastic
  • Waterproof design
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