Intoxalock Frequently Asked Questions

What does it Cost to Lease a Breathalyzer?

There are many different Fees Associated with having a Breathalyzer, here’s how they break down.

Monthly Service Fee: $65-$75 a Month, Depending on Term, Situation, State, Etc. Call for Details.

Installation Fee: $100-$150, Depending on Vehicle, Rebates are Available.

Removal Fee: $50-80, Depending on Vehicle.

Calibration Fee: $15, Required Every Two Months.

Lockout Fee: Cost of the Monthly Service + Calibration Fee.

Why would I want a Breathalyzer?

Some clients are court ordered to have a breathalyzer due to a current or past DUI/OWI. This allows them to get back on the road faster, and get back to a normal Routine. Some clients prefer to be voluntary; they find it helps keep them honest. It is a way to protect their livelihood without the major consequences of a mistake they might make after a night out involving drinks.

Are you Intoxalock? Who are we Paying?

NO, we are not Intoxalock, we are sub contracted by Intoxalock to be your “local” representative. We can offer assistance for our community better because we live here. Your account and all your communication will be done directly with Intoxalock. We will offer our services of Installation, Removal, and Calibrations at our facility. You will pay Intoxalock for your Monthly Service Fee and any Lockout Fees you may encounter. You will pay us for the Installation, Removal, and Calibration. We accept Cash Only for these services.

How Long do I have to have a Breathalyzer?

Every Case and Situation is different. We always recommend clients call their local DMV and ask what their required term will be, and request any supporting documents required for their Temporary Restricted License before scheduling their Breathalyzer appointment.

How does a Breathalyzer Work?

The purpose of the device is to detect Alcohol; it doesn’t matter if it is an alcoholic beverage or something with alcohol in its ingredients. So, it’s always important to be mindful of everything you eat and drink. Remember alcohol is a main ingredient or by product of many items such as, Cough Syrup, Mouthwash, Perfumes, Doughs, Sprays, Medicines, and of course Beverages. When a client blows a Sample of Breath into the machine it compares the content of alcohol on your breath to the predetermined value in the machine. If it is below the level, the car starts. If it is above the level, the cars starter won’t engage and the car will not Start.

I have a breathalyzer and I need a Calibration, when can I come out?

Our Hours are Monday-Friday 9:00AM to 5:00PM, You don’t need an appointment to get a Calibration, you can come out anytime during those hours and get assistance. The Service takes anywhere from 5-10 minutes and costs $15 cash. If your Locked out, you will need to call Intoxalock first to explain the situation and have a work order sent to our email address.

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