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  • Will adding a Remote Start “Void” my Factory Warranty?
    NO, All the Units we sell come with their own 1 Year Warranty from Defects, and all the Wiring and Workmanship inside the Vehicle is Warranted for as long as you own the Car. All Factory Warranties remain intact. Our Warranty works right alongside the Factories.
  • How Many Remotes Come with the System?
    Every unit we sell comes with (1) Remote. Additional Remotes can be purchased at the time of Installation at a Discounted Rate.
  • Are Remote Starters “Bad” for my car?
    NO, they’re actually the exact opposite. Remote Starters are helpful in many ways. They allow for Safety, Security, Convenience, and Better Resale!
  • How long does it take to Install the Remote Starter?
    We’re Open from 11-3PM Daily. We recommend Customers drop their vehicle off at 11AM and pick them up before we close at 3PM. We have a key drop for anyone who wants to drop the car off the night before or early in the morning. We will call with confirmation when the project is completed. We can make Special Arrangements for those who would like to “Wait” or are “Coming from out of Town”. Let us know in advance how we can help!
  • Can the Remote Start be removed from one vehicle and put into another?
    Generally, the answer to this question is “NO”. The units that we use in every installation are specific to the vehicle you choose. When you sell that vehicle and buy another, the specific parts required, are different to the new vehicle. In most cases it costs more to “reuse” an older Remote Start than buy another. The rule of thumb is: if the car is identical in every way it, “CAN” be reused, although we have discounts available for repeat customers to allow incentive to upgrade! Don’t forget when it comes time to sell your car, more options mean more resale value. Leaving your Remote Start in the car for the new buyer might bring more money on the sale of the car.
  • Do you offer Loaner Vehicles?
    Unfortunately, at this time we do not offer Loaner vehicles, however we can accommodate in other ways. We offer free Pickup and Delivery in the Dubuque and Surrounding Areas. We have a Key drop for late night, and early morning drop offs. We also offer a shuttle driver if you need a ride to your home, work, or a nearby shopping center.
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