Keys and Remotes Frequently Asked Questions

What comes with the Purchase Price of a Key? Are there any additional Fees?

The purchase price includes everything you need to get back on the road. It includes the Key itself, the Mechanical Key Cut, which is required to turn the key in the cylinder, and the Programming. Programming is required for security purposes to actually start the car. With your purchase price you will not incur any additional fees. Your new Key will be ready to use when you leave. Other Locksmiths and Dealerships charge a separate fee for the Key and the Programming, making the actual cost of the completed Key confusing.

Can you Cut and/or Program a key I bought elsewhere?

This is a method we don’t recommend, Keys you can buy online haven’t been verified to function properly, and most times are poorly manufactured. They can be the wrong size, and the wrong material (Example: Steel instead of Brass). The chips inside them can be incorrect causing problems while Programming. Our Key Cutting machine is very precise and an Inexpensive Key can damage our Cutting Bits if it isn’t Brass. With that being said we can assist a customer with a Key they purchased elsewhere, but at our discretion. There is a Fee whether the Key/Remote works or not.

Can you make a Key from scratch if I have nothing to copy from? Also known as cutting a Key by VIN.

YES, in almost all case we can create a key from nothing. This method costs more than cutting a key by copy. We will also require Personal Information to verify proper ownership of the vehicle.

Can you come to my car to program a key or will I need to Tow my vehicle?

We are a one stop shop. We have our own Tow Truck so if the situation requires it, we can pick your vehicle up and bring it to our facility. In some cases, we can come to you with our programming equipment. Certain circumstances require different processes and/or equipment and we’ve got you covered either way.

Where do your Keys come from? Are they just as good as Dealer Keys?

The Keys we order come from the same place as the Dealership-the Manufacturer, we just get them before the Middleman and before the Markup. We also offer discounted “Refurbished” keys if you’re looking for an even more economical option. Our keys are just as good if not better than our competitors.

Do Keys come with a Warranty?

Unfortunately, because keys are vulnerable to Moisture, Damage, and Misuse we cannot offer a Warranty, and neither do our Competitors. We do, however stand behind the product, if the key is defective due to a manufacturer defect, we will certainly replace it. We always test the keys and their functionality with every customer before they leave our facility. Damage or Misuse would not be considered a Defect, our staff would determine that our discretion.